All stakeholders in Techno data centre’s ecosystem collaborate closely from the design phase to ensure that the facility is operating as energy efficiently as possible.

Build To Suit Solutions

Supporting your growth on an unprecedented mega scale

All Clear

We offer services from Land Acquisition, Statutory Clearance, Design and Engineering, Testing and Commissioning. All in all, Techno Electric will undertake responsibility of the complete Project Development.

Bring the Watts

You pick the spot, we bring the watts. With decades of experience in engineering, building, owning and operating critical power infrastructure, Techno speed of delivery in power sector is second to none.

Go Green

Green is the need of the hour and through captive green energy and using our own renewable energy resources we are aiming to ensure low carbon footprint and ultimately achieve carbon neutral Data Centers across all India.

EPC Expertise

We contribute significantly to India’s power generation capacity, inter-regional transmission and distribution network through our EPC business. We are now positioned among the industry leaders in providing generation, transmission, distribution infrastructure and emission control solutions to some of the core sector industries in India.

Why Build to Suit with Techno

We can deliver infrastructure anywhere your business growth demands with our advanced supply chain methodology and Experienced partners

We can provide incrementally scalable data center capacity, whether aligned with your company’s design or ours, in unprecedented timeframes.


Patient, sophisticated capital

Design optionality to meet your requirements

Incrementally scalable deployments

Speed to Market

Preemptive site evaluation and due diligence

Proven Basis of Design

Advanced supply chain and readily available vendor-managed inventory


100% of IT load matched with renewable sources

Ultra-efficient cooling solution uses less energy and water, with ability to run waterless as required

Scale and Safety

Rapidly scalable and repeatable model

Adaptable infrastructure, scale vertically or horizontally

Operational maturity and Industry-leading safety record

Laser-focused on eliminating risk and cost exposure

Colocation Solutions

In colocation hosting, companies own their hardware, but are looking to supplement its functionality by renting/leasing server space in its facility which provide benefits

  • Improved internet bandwidth
  • Server cooling systems
  • Reliable Power

By regular communication with the hosting facility, the customer can quickly upgrade or downgrade various features like rackspace, bandwidth etc to fit the business needs


Colocation providers are not just physical space providers but also strategic partners that can help an enterprise fulfill its infrastructure needs.

The data center market is highly driven by the cloud. As more companies move their infrastructure to the cloud, they are looking to have their hardware live off-site as well and for that, they are moving towards colocation facilities.

Here are the benefits of placing your own server and storage systems with Techno

On site Security

Techno offers core security services and other appliances such as

  • firewalls
  • intrusion prevention
  • authentication systems
  • 24×7 physical security onsite security staff, electronic scanners and video cameras

Redundancy and Resilience

Data center facility to provide redundancy with robust disaster recovery mechanisms

Primary backup solutions for all critical components (power, fire suppression) plus secondary backup in case of primary backup failure 

Guaranteed Uptime

Any downtime can result in lost corporate productivity. SLAs for maintaining quality of service to guarantee

  • power service
  • temperature stability
  • network uptime

High Flexibility and Scalability

Colocation means that they can also respond quickly to greater power requirements and growing data volumes and accommodate new server and storage systems in suitable premises.

Techno will operate multiple data centers, so a location near your own offices or close to important clients can be chosen to minimize network latency.

Excellent Connectivity

Colocation data centers are typically not only redundantly connected to the internet and large internet nodes multiple times, but often also have a direct connection to leading cloud-, telecommunications network- and IT service providers.

The guaranteed bandwidth and latencies make it easy for organizations to adopt SaaS offerings and implement hybrid cloud concepts.

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