Top 5 trends to look at in the business processes, Information management, Cloud-centric driven services

We have effectively entered this year with a lot of poise, promise, disruption, and hope for the IT/ITeS industry to play the role it’s destined to play in the new-age world. With the turn of the decade, the tech landscape has dramatically revolutionized many aspects including Business Processes, Outsourcing, Cloud and Data Center Management and the way we access and trade information. With the context set straight, these are the 5 most disruptive and impactful trends to watch out for this year in the Information Management, Cloud and Business Processing industries

The impact of Blockchain, Cryptocurrencies

One of the most discussed topics of the decade by far is the impact of Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies and the role of various governments to regulate this form of currency. The demand and increase in trade of Cryptocurrencies have impacted several markets, economies and asked a serious question – Can the model be replicated across different industries to limit the role of the government. 2022 too will be a crucial year for those dealing in these exchanges as several countries have taken a pro-stance and regulated or banned the use of Cryptocurrency, Bitcoin Mining and similar setups.

The impact of 5G/6G and high-speed wireless technologies

Rewind back a decade when in 2012, 4G was launched with a lot of pomp and show. 4G not just disrupted the Telecom industry but the majority of IT, Outsourcing, BFSI, Security & Analytics and other enterprises. Today, 5G with its branches almost in all areas of enterprises is one of the most anticipated industrial-grade technologies. Many countries have already deployed infrastructure to red-carpet 5G capabilities and enjoy some of the best capabilities wireless networks have to offer. Telecom and research analysts predict that enterprises and governments have already started work extensively on the next-gen: 6G bandwidth creation and allocation.

The impact of Robotics and AI/ML

Artificial Intelligence, Robotics, Machine Learning are terms that have been over- used by enterprises in the recent past. Be it a manufacturing assembly line, automation of a mechanical process or the technology in autonomous driving, the role of AI, ML and Robotics has significantly evolved and developed. I believe, 2022 too, will see a huge transformation in the way we leverage AI, ML and Robotics across sectors and enterprises.

Privacy Enhancing & Cyber-security

We have witnessed a huge surge in demand for Privacy, Cyber-security firms and applications owing to various vulnerabilities during the pandemic times. Rightly so, the growth potential for Cyber-security is huge. As per a recent Business Insights data point, the Cyber-security market is projected to reach USD 366.10 Billion by 2028.  This year too, the investment in Cyber-security, Privacy-enhancing and counter-threats will play a huge role in the IT, Business Processing and Outsourcing industry.

The Impact of Metaverse

The impact and effects of the Metaverse universe are more immediate than one would care to give credit. To be concise, Metaverse broadly makes up all the technology sets and applications that are required to create a virtual world, where users can create, alter, destroy, buy & sell goods, services, model their avatars etc. In other words, create a digital economy with demand, supply, distribution and other models of trade. With the age of Metaverse, there will be a huge demand for Cloud, Data Analytics, and Information Management Strategies just to streamline this mammoth of an industry.